Solartron Density & Viscosity

From the highest accuracy fiscal metering through process and hygienic applications, tube densitometers are the industry standard. Fork type insertion densitometers are a more cost effective meter suitable for direct insertion into tanks and pipelines. Gas density and unique specific gravity transducers have many applications in petrochemical, gas and process industries. Viscosity measurement, available as an on-line real time measurement via either fork type or variable speed rotation, allows viscosity to be used as the process control variable.

All Density Products

Density & Viscosity Signal Converter In-Line Tube for Liquid
Process & Custody Transfer Applications
Extended Fork Densitometer
where access into the side of
tank or open channel is not available
Insertion Fork Densitometer for Liquid Pipe Applications
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Fork Type Viscosity
Transmitter for
Newtonian Fluids
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Gas Specific
Gravity Transducer
Gas Density