Mining and Mineral Processing

We can develop, manufacture and distribute various forms of mining instrumentation.


  • Bin solids level: 3D level scanner, ultrasonic, radar transmitters, capacitance level switches

Coarse Ore Storage

  • Bin & stockpile level measurement: 3D level scanner


  • Diesel tank level: Self powered contents gauge, electronic tank gauging systems
  • Boiler/utility steam plant: Boiler drum level


  • Solids/density: On-line density transmitters for yield calculations
  • Process flows: Clamp on ultrasonic flowmeters, magnetic flowmeters
  • Extraction chemical tank levels: Float level switches, magnetic level gauges for organic/inorganic solvents – interface level also possible

Sedimentation Ponds

  • Pondage level: Submersible hydrostatic level transmitter